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-Building a Better You is a complete one on one personal training program that encompasses every aspect of fitness. From core training to boxing training, strength training to flexibility; Building a Better You has it all! Through the utilization of the 3 pillars of Fitness program design; clients will see changes cosmetically (drastic fat loss and gaining lean muscle) while experiencing various lifestyle changes through the vessel of a more efficient body. Package includes: flexibility training, core training, resistance training, mobility training, balance training, nutritional assistance, and monthly measurements.

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Eating Right!

The Grocery stroll is geared towards equipping clients into making healthier food choices when shopping at the grocery store. From the proper way to read food labels–into knowing which foods to pick up and which foods to avoid; the grocery stroll will educate you on the ins and outs on a successful, grocery, shopping experience. Package includes: Sample meal plans, sample menus, tips for healthy, and a one-on-one shopping tour

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Much more than just a personal trainer, rather a fitness professional Terry guides you through a high intensity fitness routine, while educating you on healthy eating lifestyle, while motivating you with a “never quit attitude”. Through an immucalte attention to detail and the very best of fitness programming design, Terrence is commited to fully cultivating his skill set and providing his clients with the best, personal-training experience servicable coupled with their achievement of fantastic results.

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"I've been using Terrence as my personal Trainer for 2 months, the first couple of weeks were the hardest of my life, but 8 weeks later I've lost 38 pounds, went from size 12 to 8, and burned 10% body fat... the best investment I've made. I'm on a journey, not gonna stop now." Annie S.

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Now offering online personal training and nutrition plans. Contact for details!!


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